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Subject:Homosexuality & Hinduism
Time:07:55 am
Current Mood:thoughtfulthoughtful
If posting a link to another community isn't permitted, I encourage the mods to go ahead and delete this and apologize for any offense. I'm only x-posting to comms where I didn't see it in the rules, but I may have missed it.

glbt_hindus is a new community for anyone who is of the Hindu - Sanatana Dharma - faith and is also of any alternative sexuality or lifestyle. Sanatana Dharma is a broad umbrella of ideas and philosophies and all sects, non-sects, cultural Hindus and converts are more than welcome. Same goes for gender and sexuality. From asexual to pansexual all are welcome. This is intended as a safe supportive community for members of the Third Sex, so membership is moderated. This is not a dating community, it is about love, support, relationships, family, identity, and spirituality. If you know someone who may need the support of this group, please do pass the link on.

And so this isn't just an ad post I'd like to share part of an article about homosexuality in Hinduism today from the HRC site which is an excellent overview of where we're at, behind the cut.Collapse )

Namaste-ji, and thank you for your kind indulgence! :) Aum shanti shanti shanti.

X-posted to hindus, sanatana_dharma, rainbowsupport, and gaymafia
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Subject:lesbians who date men?
Time:10:34 am
please advise me if this sort of post is not allowed.

i'm writing an article on the theme of lesbian-identified women dating/loving/shagging men, and i want to know what you think about it. the angle i'm going to take is that sexuality is fluid, labels mean different things to different people, and that they don't describe the complexity of sex and sexuality. or rather, that will be the moral of my story, the real meat will be describing the 'phenomenon'. you do not have to be a lesbian, or even identify as queer (or anything at all) to answer some of these questions. you can even be straight.

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Subject:Hi everyone.
Time:12:12 am
20 year old lesbian living in NYC. I hope this isn't too complicated to explain, but.. I could really, really use some kind of advice/support/an ear. =(

My girlfriend and I had been going out for two years. Only problem is that she lives in Oregon... 3,000 miles away, yes, but it never bothered either of us, as we had done the online relationship thing before. I've flown out there before to visit, and it's always been lovely. After college, my plan was to move out there. I was really in love with her... we shared so much. I even bought a ring; she was supposed to visit me this summer and I was going to propose.

However, for the last 6 months or so she's been distant. Doesn't want me to call anymore, doesn't want to talk about much. I started getting worried, naturally.

On New Years Day, she said that she didn't want to be in a relationship anymore.. that she didn't feel like being in one (not just with me, but with anyone). I didn't really understand... after all, I am 3,000 miles away. I asked if that was the issue, she said no. Asked if there was someone else. Definitely not. She just didn't want to be dating. However, after the conversation, she decided that she wanted to stay together.

Now, this is February. We're broken up, under the same circumstances. She said she tried to act distant and cold toward me in the hopes that I would stop caring about her.. but it only made me care more. It hurts so badly.

However.. our relationship is pretty much the same, as much as a relationship as it always was. Nothing's really changed. We just don't have a 'title', per se.

I'm so torn on what to do. Should I wait for her? I am so in love with her, and yet, worrying about this and feeling lonely is making me sick. And I have no close lesbian friends here to confide in, or even to help me start to pick up the pieces.

Argh! ._. What are your thoughts? Thoughts on Long Distance relationships, etc?
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Subject:GayGifts - Gay and Lesbian Pride-Store!
Time:08:38 pm
queer themed gay and lesbian jewelery for sale hereCollapse )
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Time:03:27 am
Current Mood:scaredscared

I’m scared of telling people.  I’m scared that they won’t like me anymore.  I’m scared that I will be judged.  I’m scared that people will assume things about me that are not true.  I’m scared that people will not want to be my friend anymore.  I’m scared that other people will suddenly want to be my friend.  I’m scared that I’ll upset my family.  I’m scared that my family will hate me.  I’m scared of being an outsider.  I’m scared of belonging to a group because of only one of my characteristics, I’m scared.  I’m scared.

I'm scared because what if I'm not really.  I haven't come out to myself.  HELP.
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Subject:Lesbian Questionnaire
Time:04:11 pm

My name is Megan Haines. I am an undergraduate psychology major and I am doing research about lesbian's experiences with the feminist movement. Any help members of this community could give would be great.

information about my researchCollapse )
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Subject:Room for Rent - GLBT Friendly Housing in Ottawa
Time:10:14 pm
Room for Rent Available on February 1st
Room available in spacious, secured Glebe 3 Bedroom Apartment

Direct BUS routes to:
85 - University of Ottawa
4 - Carleton University
4 or 85 - Downtown (Rideau Centre, Bank St., Parliament)
85 - Bayshore Shopping Centre
85 - Saint Laurent Shopping Centre
4 - Billings Bridge Plaza
3 - Nepean Centre
Routes 6 & 101 also available

Walking Distance to:
Dows Lake Pavilion
O-Train (10min. To Southkeys Mall or Bay View/Transitway)
The Glebe (Pharmacies, Grocers, Shops, etc.)
Corso Italia (Little Italy on Preston)
China Town (On Somerset)

$400 per Month - Heat, Water, Hydro, and Internet Included

Tenant must be:
GLBT & Cat Friendly
Clean, Neat, & Able to live with other roommates
Non-smoker Preferred

(For more details contact CamiliKitten via Live Journal)
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Time:11:44 pm
Hello! My GSA is trying to organize a No Name Calling Week at our highschool this year.

I was wondering, have any of your GSAs organized a NNCW at your highschool? If so, what kinds of activities or things did you do? The ideas on the NNCW website are geared mainly toward middle school students...so any ideas would be supersupergreatly appreciated!
Thankyou abajamillion much! =]

[probably x posted in a bunch of other places]
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Current Music:Faith and the Muse ~ Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
Subject:Tranny-bashing in Religion: The Next Generation
Time:11:23 am
Current Mood:Wakin' Up
I rarely post links to news blogs, but this came up whilst I was searching for Trans-Positive material to obsorb...

A Google headline saying something about a "Transsexual Priest" caught my eye, and my first thought was, "You dumbass, that would properly be Transsexual Priestess in this situation..." Then I hit the link and, fuck. There are some awefully dumb psuedo logic users in the Christian Religious world...


'Don Horrocks, EA spokesperson, said the Bible made it “absolutely clear that God created human beings as male and female.

“Therefore there is absolutely no Christian acknowledgement of the 21st century human idea that it’s possible somehow for a person to take charge of their own destiny and to decide what their own sexuality is,” he added.

The ordination of the Rev Sarah Jones, who used to be a man, at Hereford Cathedral…has big implications for the Church.

Don Horrocks, Head of Public Affairs EAUK'

Wow, amazing, isn't it? So little is understood here. Is it not mainly accepted at this point that you are trans, you don't BECOME trans, you simply REALIZE that your trans, and do something about it? THAT was a SUBTLE annoyance.

The REAL annoyance, is the idea that we are the spokesmodels for "a person to take charge of their own destiny and to decide what their own sexuality is (obviously intended to include gender-expression, but there's another subtle cue they are to oblivious to take note of), and that THIS IS SOMEHOW BAD, NOT JUST BAD, BUT AGAINST THE DIVINE. Behind this, is the overall presentation of a very nasty concept, that we don't have the right to exist, let alone the right to seek RIGHT LIVELIHOOD (which is living by honest and productive means).

(And, Hey! Did you notice how they efficiently manage to bash gays, lesbians and everything not heterosexist and conservative in one deft/daft statement? THAT'S SKILL.)
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Subject:Trans Sex Worker Community
Time:08:19 pm

I found it necessary to create a community for Trans Sex Workers. You see, we don't have a lot of support, either from the culture at large, or from Sex Worker communities, where there are either transphobia/access issues, or simply not enough information specialized in regards to our practices. This leaves Trans Sex Workers between a rock and a hard place, which places them at far higher risks for Police Busts, Violence and Poverty.

What this community is based upon, loosely, is the modern "Sex Workers' Movement" and "Feminist Sex Work" ethics. Briefly stated, this is a manner by which Sex Workers (Escorts, Phone Sex Operators, Porn Models, Dancers) are encouraged to operate as independants (rather than for pimps and agencies), to be aware of thier rights, and to have access to information which empowers them. There is a lot of emphasis on being Smart and Savvy, and developing co-op entities for work and safety. I've noticed that within this new ethic, Trans-Persons have been largely left out, despite the large percentile of (mostly M2F) trans-persons who become Sex Workers for one reason or another. Overall, the solution is D.I.Y. No one else is going to create this form of community for us, so if you need it, help build it! This is a MAJOR effort to empower Trans-Persons, as so many of us find ourselves in Sex Work, whether by choice or force (usually a combination of the two.)

If you are just such a person (or considering becoming one), or are a knowledgable ally (as in, non-trans), please talk to me about joining this community (preferably by e-mail: demi777@gmail.com)

Please! If this has been posted to your community, it has been as a effort to bring this demographic together! This may be a life-line to many of us, if you do not agree with our way of life, or do not care for the subject, please just leave this be! There will always be Sex Workers, and plenty of them will be Trans. I'm not looking to begin discussions here (that would be for the Trans Sex Work group), just looking for those of us who are in need! (Nor am I inferring, by posting to your community page, that the members of the community are all Sex Workers. This is outreach.)

This will be cross-posted into [info]mtf_lesbians, [info]mtf_undressed, [info]protips, [info]sexpositive_sw, [info]tranny_please, [info]transfeminism, [info]womens_studies, [info]trans_poc, [info]rainbowsupport, [info]sexworkpartners

If you know a Trans Sex Worker, please let them know! Spread the word! Post in other communities!

For more specific info, I'm posting the "Mission Statement" (also available on the community's info page) below this LJ cut. Its really quite an essay, so don't read unless you're really interested. (It is rather educational.)

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